Saturday, October 31, 2009

How to Strip Wallpaper

I went to Burlington this week to strip the 1980's mauve and blue wallpaper off the bathroom walls of my daughter's condo. It came off easily with Dif(well except for those few stupid spots that made the project so aggravating!). The girl at Lowes swears by fabric softener and hot water-much better then Dif she said and not all the chemicals! Chemicals? I was in that 5 x 5 room breathing in chemicals?

Well, after a day of stripping-I had a couple glasses of wine-fell asleep and got up early to start the painting process. Allison wanted green (she had a blue plaid shower curtain?)so I bought a green I thought would be okay(not my favorite wall color) and painted the first coat-ugh! I went to Home Goods and bought a new shower curtain (white with green ribbon sewn on) a new green bath mat and a green toothbrush holder. I also found a picture that would tie in the burgundy vanity top with the new green walls.

Came back and gave it that second coat...okay now it had some depth to it and wasn't so bad. It looks fresh and more open...check out the floor next project!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Natural Rugs for your Floors

I sell flooring and in the Northeast and we are still taking the "old shag" out of homes! We don't have many people putting in natural rugs (seagrass,jute,sisal) but they do want the look. I love the look too-and can point them in the direction of wool, synthetic or even the real thing. I loved this article Pure Style Home. She has the lowdown on natural rugs. This photo is a Tuftex rug called Diamond Reef.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

All Beiges Are Not The Same

I have a room in my house that my husband picked out the color and painted. He went to the paint store and choose his beige...all by himself. Once painted, I couldn't help but "gag" at the pink undertone of the beige. I didn't tell him how "pink" the beige was...he would not have seen it anyway...and have lived with that room for around 5 years. It is an upstairs room the girls used as a den-so I didn't have to look at it too often. Recently, since my girls are off to college ( and one is out of school and living in Vermont) I changed the room around and put a twin bed in the room. I put a pink comforter on the bed and the wall color looked "good"! Maria Kilam of the blog Colour Me Happy has lots to say about beige with pink undertones-and definitely worth reading.

The point is whether it is carpet or paint-this undertone will be important when you get your carpet down and find out it looks awful with your beige and floral sofa.

If you have trouble seeing the undertones yourself-ask the salesperson for help...bring the sample home and put it in your own are going to have that carpet for a long time!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A New Start

So summer is over and the pool is put away. I am working to finish an interior design course that I started around 2 1/2 years ago. I am going to get kicked out if I don't finish my projects! Okay so I should have been doing this when I was laying in the pool...or shopping...or starting a new craft project!

I just finished my first of three and so I am on my way! I have to send in my designs for a bedroom,living room and dining room.

While doing this today I just finished a batik project. I got the idea from a wonder ful blog called That Artist Woman. I will posts pictures of my batk attempts. They were fun to do...and would be great to do with children.

Well, I am going to keep up with my blog. I am good about doing my work blog Stevens World of Flooring-but then again I get to do that one when I'm working !

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Burlington Vermont

If you have never been to Burlington...well you ought to go! It is right on Lake Champlain...has a great downtown area -especially Church Street-and is like going to a little city in a pristine setting. It is plopped down surrounded by beautiful farm land and flanked with mountains. Hey what can I say-I love to visit Burlington...spring,summer, fall...winter not so much! I don't ski.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cool new program-Print Artist

I got a new software program called Print Artist. It has lots of great features and offers you the ability to let your creativity go wild !! After loading the program I tried a few things-this was one of my favorites! I uploaded a picture and using special effects made it look like a colored pencil drawing.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Here I go again

I have started several blogs...and I never stick with them (except for the blog I do for the flooring store I work at ). So while I was floating in my pool this afternoon I decided I need to start another blog! I love blogs (mostly design and craft) and I am always searching for another to add to my favorites list. In fact, after checking my mail and facebook every AM I start checking my favorite blogs! I wanted to fill my blog with some of the great stuff I find. The first blog I'll share is the Mogg Blogg. I love to check out their latest "design finds" . See for yourself.