Monday, August 29, 2011

DIY Canvas Gifts

My daughter just got married and I made her a canvas with wood letters -this was my inspiration

I took a picture of the one I made...but can't find the picture. Anyway the hardest part was finding the wood letters, but between Michaels and Joanne Shop I found them. I had left over letters and was going to my niece's baby shower the day after the wedding (this all took place in Burlington, VT) so I made this canvas for her pirate themed nursery.

I put the letters in a zip lock bag with white paint and smooshed them around till they were covered. Then I went to her registry so I could see what little things to paint on the canvas-whale, compass, and sailboats. I just copied them from the nursery bedding. She sent me this picture of it hung up in the room.
I just saw one on a blog that had the words to "You are my sunshine song" (sorry I can't remember what blog it was)it was in her hallway on three canvases and it looked great ! Have a blessed day.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Great Inspirations

How could I forget this beauty from Sarah Richardson ?

Or this great bedroom from Something's Gotta Give (from the blog Hooked On Houses)

Yeah-I think this is the direction I am going in !

Starting Over

Well I read blogs...I mean lots of them. I have started this blog and stopped several times. Well here I go again, this time I have my pins. Pinterest is where I spend a lot of time too. So my current thoughts are on my bedroom. We have been living with a pretty disgusting carpet for a LONG time due to our old westie Mac. She recently passed away at the ripe age of 16 and now we can put a new carpet in the bedroom-and paint-and get or make a headboard. I am ready for something in the blue grey family( I currently have a cafe au lait color on the wall)
Or maybe like this (From Benjamin Moore Paint color Silver Crest)

Or Something like this (From Cote De Texas)Okay I know the walls on this one are more like what I have now-but I love the colorccombination and the sconces on the old doors.