Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I was here last week...Ogunquit , Maine


Even though it rained one day...the ocean is still beautiful and soothing.

Before I left, I was in a beach mood so made this with shells and a frame from the dollar store.
First I painted water color paper cut to fit the size of the frame with blues and greens. I started with circles but changed my mind and just painted it all over ...the circles still pop through. Then I arranged the shells how I wanted them and hot glued them to the watercolor paper. I let it dry and put it in the frame without the glass.
I put it on my mantle and love the way it looks !
Have a blessed day !

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Black Trimmed Lamp Shades

Okay so maybe I have a problem...

or it's a trend...

I have three lamp shades with black trim. Two are ribbon and one is painted...I think I am done-but you never know.

In my defense the two with the ribbon just needed a little umph...

The green one had a "cat problem" ! That is my cat likes to rub her grimy face up against the rim of the shade...I was going to get a new shade but decided to take the "less expensive" approach and paint the trim using painters tape. The first time I did it the top bled I had to make it a little bigger...I actually like the "custom" look and it will extend the life of the shade.

Hope you are having a great week ! Sorry about the MIA I was up in Burlington painting the final room in my daughter's condo a light grey. We took off the closet doors -that did not open and replaced them with curtains. They need to be ironed...but you get the idea.  These pictures I took with my phone and I had just hung the curtains...

Until next time...


Monday, July 1, 2013

Sunday Thoughts...on Monday

I did not post a scripture I will do it today.

This is not a scripture

....but wonderful all the same

Have a blessed Monday !