Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Thoughts

Today our minister, Pastor Buddy at Northway Church (thought I would give a shout out), talked about the word "if" it can be your friend or enemy.

 What if you tried and failed...I am going to go for it !

How about you?

Well technically it isn't a scripture....but it is a great way of thinking !

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Packaging of EZ comfort wraps has begun

So, as you might know my sister and I are on a new adventure of marketing a new product. It has been interesting and challenging so far and we are just beginning.

Yesterday (after 4 trips there) I picked up the "toppers" from Staples for our packages.

I wanted coral....but they didn't carry that color so I settled on pale yellow....I got bright yellow.

Of course I didn't realize this till I got home-and this poor guy Jim... really had his hands full getting this designed and completed for me....

I didn't have the heart to take them back !

So here they are packaged in a more professional manner then before. They are available at out ETSY shop. What I love is that the buttons can be changed out and I have found some cute ones !
Chris and Barb

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Scripture

I don't know where I saved this from...someone did a nice job on the subway art.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Our New Business

As you may or may not know my sister and I are in the beginnings of launching a new business. We are producing a product called EZ comfort wraps and they are used on the arms of metal outdoor furniture in the summer when the arms get uncomfortably hot from the sun.

I personally use them on my porch furniture that is well over 15 years old because the arms look like this...ugh
And they look better like this...ahh
Don't you agree ? We are selling them over at ETSY.
I am investigating other places to sell them. I'll keep you posted !

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Can you tell I am on vacation ?? I finished my orb candle holder.  I started with embroidery hoops and stained them brown (with watered down brown paint) then I glued them together.

There it sat for about a month......

But yesterday I decided to finish it up ! I went to Home Depot and got a RustOleum bronze spray comes out having a hammered finish ( I plan to paint my outdoor lights with it since they are brass "pitted" and ugly- but that's another project).

I sprayed a dill pickle jar's metal lid front, back and sides.

This morning I super glued the lid onto the orb and put the candle in it (flame less) husband saw it and said don't burn the house down !

I had a beautiful old bracket that I had gotten at a tag sale and painted it white...I don't love that rusted look. Nailed the bracket up and hung the orb....I love it.

This summer I will put the timer on the candle and enjoy it in the evening as well !

My prayers to all those in Boston that suffered such loss !


Monday, April 15, 2013

Help !! I lost my Pinterest Account and I can't get it back

Something happened to my Pinterest  account. I went to log in and they would not accept my email address and or password.

 Now a few weeks ago my email (that I have for a million years ) got hacked and I was offering Russian dates to I thought I changed everything that mattered to the new email address-including Pinterest. Well...maybe I didn't. When I tried to fix it they emailed a change of password to my old non working email address- ugh ! So I have a new board (hopefully temporary). To make matters worse I hate how they do it now....and I spelled Chris that is my name on this new empty Pinterest account. I have emailed them about the problem...they said it would take two weeks or so for someone to get back to me...really ??
Thought I would add this quote today....I am going to go out and smile !!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I recently went up to one of my favorite places in the whole world... Burlington, Vt. I love it not just because of Church Street and Lake Champlain...but some of my favorite people live there.

One of which is my daughter...and my other daughter.

My sister, brother- in- law and niece live there as you can see my attraction.

While I was up there I brought my daughter a house warming gift (okay they have been there a year but I am the Mom)
I made it by putting on repostitional vinyl letters on a white canvas. Painting over the letters then removing the letters. You have to touch up the lettering but it is an easy way to make subway art.

See the Orb in the front of the picture ? My project this week. I am going to add a metal holder and put a flameless candle in it. I am going to hang it from a bracket on my porch...and look at it from the inside until it gets warmer !!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Our New LIne of Comfort Wraps

My sister lives in Vermont...not the hottest state in the union !  None the less in the summer the arms on her chairs and chaise by her pool get really hot...I mean uncomfortably hot. Thus started the EZ Comfort Wraps. Simply wrap the material around the arm of the outdoor furniture and wrap the elastic around the arm and "button" it. Just like that  cool and comfortable !

They come in blue , taupe and white.

They are available at our ETSY store . 
Love it if you stop by and take a look !